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Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire


County/Shire : Latitude: 52.754218000, Longitude: -0.532535000


Castle Bytham postcard
Castle Bytham postcard


   Name   Location 
1.St James' Church yardCastle Bytham, Lincolnshire, England


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DAFF, James  Abt 1816Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I898
2 GLENN, Elizabeth  Abt 1807Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I990
3 GLENN, Mary  14 Jan 1801Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I44
4 HOWITT, Albert David  1900Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I213
5 HOWITT, Amy  Abt 1888Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I53
6 HOWITT, Annie Maria  23 Jun 1880Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I57
7 HOWITT, Christiana  Abt 1820Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I60
8 HOWITT, David  1824Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I62
9 HOWITT, David  17 Jul 1854Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I64
10 HOWITT, Ernest Walter  1889Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I71
11 HOWITT, Ethel  Abt 1885Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I72
12 HOWITT, Florence Sarah  1879Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I73
13 HOWITT, George Edwin  11 Sep 1881Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I75
14 HOWITT, John  Abt 1831Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I81
15 HOWITT, John Henry  23 Dec 1878Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I83
16 HOWITT, John William  17 Jul 1854Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I85
17 HOWITT, Lucy  24 Aug 1893Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I90
18 HOWITT, Margaret Ann  Abt 1827Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I94
19 HOWITT, Mary Ann  Abt 1826Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I99
20 HOWITT, Mary Anne  10 Aug 1856Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I100
21 HOWITT, Naomi  Abt 1835Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I101
22 HOWITT, Samuel George  Abt 1823Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I104
23 HOWITT, Sarah Ellen  30 Jan 1887Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I219
24 HOWITT, Verena May  1899Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I212
25 HOWITT, William  1896Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I109
26 HOWITT, William Henry  Abt 1829Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I113


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 GLENN, Elizabeth  7 Apr 1807Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I990
2 GLENN, Mary  19 Jan 1801Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I44
3 HOWITT, Albert David  25 Feb 1900Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I213
4 HOWITT, Christiana  30 Jan 1820/1821Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I60
5 HOWITT, David  8 Jun 1824Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I62
6 HOWITT, Ernest Walter  11 Aug 1889Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I71
7 HOWITT, Ethel  4 Oct 1885Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I72
8 HOWITT, Florence Sarah  13 Apr 1879Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I73
9 HOWITT, George Edwin  2 Oct 1881Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I75
10 HOWITT, Helen  4 Oct 1891Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I78
11 HOWITT, John  23 May 1831Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I81
12 HOWITT, John Henry  9 Mar 1879Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I83
13 HOWITT, Mabel Alice  10 Oct 1897Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I92
14 HOWITT, Mary Ann  29 Oct 1826Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I99
15 HOWITT, Naomi  13 Jul 1835Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I101
16 HOWITT, Olive  23 Dec 1893Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I211
17 HOWITT, Samuel George  13 Mar 1823Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I104
18 HOWITT, Sarah  4 Oct 1891Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I210
19 HOWITT, Verena May  13 Aug 1899Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I212
20 HOWITT, William Henry  22 Mar 1829Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I113


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GLENN, Elizabeth  3 Apr 1808Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I990
2 HOWITT, Albert David  1968Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I213
3 HOWITT, David  9 Mar 1862Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I63
4 HOWITT, David  29 Nov 1893Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I62
5 HOWITT, David  18 Jul 1939Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I64
6 HOWITT, Florence Sarah  7 Apr 1882Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I73
7 HOWITT, Samuel  1827Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I103
8 HOWITT, Sarah Ellen  8 Oct 1887Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I219
9 LANE, Sarah  12 Dec 1911Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I117
10 SANDALL, Mabel  1966Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I214


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CLAPTON, Ellen  Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I198
2 GLENN, Mary  16 Feb 1855Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I44
3 HOWITT, David  Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I197
4 HOWITT, David  12 Mar 1862Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I63
5 HOWITT, David  22 Jul 1939Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I64
6 HOWITT, Mary Anne  2 Jun 1859Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I100
7 LANE, Sarah  Dec 1911Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I117


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BRADLEY, Henry  1871Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I17
2 BRADLEY, Henry  1881Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I17
3 GLENN, Mary  1841Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I44
4 GLENN, Mary  1851Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I44
5 HOWITT, Albert David  1901Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I213
6 HOWITT, Albert David  1911Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I213
7 HOWITT, Amy  1891Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I53
8 HOWITT, Annie Maria  1881Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I57
9 HOWITT, Annie Maria  1891Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I57
10 HOWITT, Annie Maria  1901Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I57
11 HOWITT, Beatrice  1901Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I196
12 HOWITT, David  1841Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I63
13 HOWITT, David  1851Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I63
14 HOWITT, David  1861Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I64
15 HOWITT, David  1861Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I63
16 HOWITT, David  1861Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I62
17 HOWITT, David  1871Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I62
18 HOWITT, David  1881Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I64
19 HOWITT, David  1881Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I62
20 HOWITT, David  1891Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I64
21 HOWITT, David  1891Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I62
22 HOWITT, David  1901Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I197
23 HOWITT, David  1901Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I64
24 HOWITT, David  1911Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I64
25 HOWITT, Edward  1851Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I16
26 HOWITT, Edward  1871Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I16
27 HOWITT, Edward  1881Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I16
28 HOWITT, Edward  1901Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I16
29 HOWITT, Ernest Walter  1891Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I71
30 HOWITT, Ernest Walter  1901Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I71
31 HOWITT, Ethel  1891Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I72
32 HOWITT, Florence Sarah  1881Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I73
33 HOWITT, George Edwin  1891Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I75
34 HOWITT, Helen  1901Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I78
35 HOWITT, Jane  1891Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I195
36 HOWITT, Jane  1901Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I195
37 HOWITT, John  1841Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I81
38 HOWITT, John Henry  1881Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I83
39 HOWITT, John Henry  1891Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I83
40 HOWITT, John William  1861Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I85
41 HOWITT, John William  1881Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I85
42 HOWITT, John William  1891Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I85
43 HOWITT, John William  1901Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I85
44 HOWITT, John William  1911Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I85
45 HOWITT, Lucy  1901Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I90
46 HOWITT, Mabel Alice  1901Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I92
47 HOWITT, Mabel Alice  1911Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I92
48 HOWITT, Mary Ann  1841Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I99
49 HOWITT, Mary Ann  1851Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I99
50 HOWITT, Mary Ann  1861Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire I99

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Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HOWITT / GLENN  19 Jun 1820Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire F20
2 HOWITT / LANE  18 Mar 1879Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire F21
3 HOWITT / WOODCROFT  26 Jun 1882Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire F57