genealogy of the o'halloran family
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Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire


Latitude: 52.726109000, Longitude: -0.203461000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 TURNER, Alfred  10 Dec 1866Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I496
2 TURNER, Alfred  Abt 1869Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I844
3 TURNER, Henry  20 Feb 1879Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I498
4 TURNER, John  Abt 1878Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I500
5 TURNER, Maria  Abt 1860Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I388
6 TURNER, Martha  Abt 1869Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I497
7 TURNER, Martha  Abt 1869Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I845
8 TURNER, Phoebe  1864Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I390
9 TURNER, Sarah  1867Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I391
10 TURNER, Sarah  Abt 1869Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I499
11 TURNER, William  1862Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I389


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1861Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I387
2 Elizabeth  1881Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I387
3 Elizabeth  1891Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I387
4 TURNER, Alfred  1881Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I496
5 TURNER, Elizabeth  1861Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I406
6 TURNER, Henry  1861Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I407
7 TURNER, Henry  1881Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I498
8 TURNER, Henry  1891Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I498
9 TURNER, John  1861Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I405
10 TURNER, John  1861Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I386
11 TURNER, John  1881Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I405
12 TURNER, John  1881Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I500
13 TURNER, John  1881Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I386
14 TURNER, John  1891Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I405
15 TURNER, John  1891Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I500
16 TURNER, John  1891Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I386
17 TURNER, Maria  1861Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I388
18 TURNER, Martha  1881Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I497
19 TURNER, Mary Ann  1861Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I182
20 TURNER, Rebecca  1861Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I408
21 TURNER, Sarah  1881Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I499
22 TURNER, Sarah  1891Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire I391


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HOWITT / TURNER  28 Sep 1878Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire F25