genealogy of the o'halloran family
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North Kyme, Lincolnshire



Latitude: 53.055853900, Longitude: -0.282070000


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HALL  1901North Kyme, Lincolnshire I800
2 REAR, Alice  Abt 1901North Kyme, Lincolnshire I480
3 REAR, Ann  Abt 1863North Kyme, Lincolnshire I523
4 REAR, Charles William  1895North Kyme, Lincolnshire I801
5 REAR, David  31 Jul 1895North Kyme, Lincolnshire I404
6 REAR, Emma  Abt 1868North Kyme, Lincolnshire I525
7 REAR, Frederick  Abt 1888North Kyme, Lincolnshire I601
8 REAR, George  Abt 1893North Kyme, Lincolnshire I478
9 REAR, Harriet Ann  1890North Kyme, Lincolnshire I477
10 REAR, Harriett  1870North Kyme, Lincolnshire I775
11 REAR, Harry  Abt 1909North Kyme, Lincolnshire I599
12 REAR, Henry  Abt 1865North Kyme, Lincolnshire I524
13 REAR, James  Abt 1887North Kyme, Lincolnshire I475
14 REAR, John  Abt 1857North Kyme, Lincolnshire I472
15 REAR, Joseph  1898North Kyme, Lincolnshire I479
16 REAR, Lucy  6 Nov 1873North Kyme, Lincolnshire I774
17 REAR, Lucy  Abt 1883North Kyme, Lincolnshire I600
18 REAR, William  19 Oct 1889North Kyme, Lincolnshire I476


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 REAR, Harry  24 Dec 1985North Kyme, Lincolnshire I599
2 REAR, William  20 Dec 1925North Kyme, Lincolnshire I476


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 REAR, Pears  4 Mar 1912North Kyme, Lincolnshire I520


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BACON, Mary Ann  1871North Kyme, Lincolnshire I521
2 BACON, Mary Ann  1881North Kyme, Lincolnshire I521
3 BACON, Mary Ann  1891North Kyme, Lincolnshire I521
4 BACON, Mary Ann  1901North Kyme, Lincolnshire I521
5 BACON, Mary Ann  1911North Kyme, Lincolnshire I521
6 HALL  1901North Kyme, Lincolnshire I800
7 HALL, William  1901North Kyme, Lincolnshire I799
8 LYON, Joseph  1911North Kyme, Lincolnshire I802
9 REAR, Alice  1911North Kyme, Lincolnshire I480
10 REAR, Ann  1871North Kyme, Lincolnshire I523
11 REAR, Charles William  1901North Kyme, Lincolnshire I801
12 REAR, Charles William  1911North Kyme, Lincolnshire I801
13 REAR, Emma  1871North Kyme, Lincolnshire I525
14 REAR, Emma  1881North Kyme, Lincolnshire I525
15 REAR, Frederick  1891North Kyme, Lincolnshire I601
16 REAR, Harriet Ann  1891North Kyme, Lincolnshire I477
17 REAR, Harriett  1871North Kyme, Lincolnshire I775
18 REAR, Harriett  1881North Kyme, Lincolnshire I775
19 REAR, Harriett  1901North Kyme, Lincolnshire I775
20 REAR, Harriett  1911North Kyme, Lincolnshire I775
21 REAR, Harry  1911North Kyme, Lincolnshire I599
22 REAR, Henry  1871North Kyme, Lincolnshire I524
23 REAR, Henry  1881North Kyme, Lincolnshire I524
24 REAR, James  1871North Kyme, Lincolnshire I522
25 REAR, James  1881North Kyme, Lincolnshire I522
26 REAR, James  1891North Kyme, Lincolnshire I475
27 REAR, James  1891North Kyme, Lincolnshire I522
28 REAR, James  1901North Kyme, Lincolnshire I522
29 REAR, John  1871North Kyme, Lincolnshire I472
30 REAR, John  1891North Kyme, Lincolnshire I472
31 REAR, John  1911North Kyme, Lincolnshire I472
32 REAR, Joseph  1911North Kyme, Lincolnshire I479
33 REAR, Lucy  1881North Kyme, Lincolnshire I774
34 REAR, Lucy  1891North Kyme, Lincolnshire I600
35 REAR, Lucy  1891North Kyme, Lincolnshire I774
36 REAR, Lucy  1901North Kyme, Lincolnshire I774
37 REAR, Pears  1871North Kyme, Lincolnshire I520
38 REAR, Pears  1881North Kyme, Lincolnshire I520
39 REAR, Pears  1891North Kyme, Lincolnshire I520
40 REAR, Pears  1901North Kyme, Lincolnshire I520
41 REAR, Pears  1911North Kyme, Lincolnshire I520
42 REAR, William  1891North Kyme, Lincolnshire I476
43 REAR, William  1911North Kyme, Lincolnshire I476
44 TOWLSON, Ann  1891North Kyme, Lincolnshire I474
45 TOWLSON, Ann  1911North Kyme, Lincolnshire I474