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I have been interested in churches for some time. I find the architecture fascinating and love to seek out a green man or even a sheela-na-gig among the decorations. I enjoy exploring under a misericord or around a piscina hoping to find a little gem hidden away. My favourite period of church will be the Saxon to medieval, and there are still surprisingly quite a few churches, or parts of churches, of that period remaining.
I am an atheist and don't therefore look at them as a tribute to a god but as an indicator of social history.
In these pages are photographs of some of the churches I've visited and photographed, there may be some links to my other sites if that church holds a green man or sheela-na-gig.
I hope you enjoy looking through them.
This site is only just in its infancy, there is very little content at present. Please return a little later. Thanks.

Page updated 26 January 2015